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HiperLAM successfully closes after final review

April 24, 2020




The HiperLAM project featured a laser-based additive manufacturing process in two key applications requiring high resolution printed conductive metallic lines: Laser printed RFID antenna, and Laser printed fingerprint biosensor. These two applications have major differences in sizes and production technologies, making the Bio-sensor application more challenging than the RF antenna. The demonstrated manufacturing process was based on Laser Induced Forward Transfer of high viscous Nanoparticle inks, followed by Selective Laser Sintering and Shaping. New materials, tools and processes were developed during this project’s timeline. A functional RFID circuit was demonstrated, but the more challenging biosensor, despite steep process improvements shown throughout the project, did not reach full functionality. Nevertheless, the HiperLAM project was able to prove that the suggested process can be used by both end users for their industry. 


Following its final assessment, the project has been found to have  achieved most of its objectives and milestones for the period with relatively minor deviations, delivering exceptional results with significant immediate or potential impact.


HiperLAM has clearly demonstrated an advancement in understanding the complexity of laser-based additive manufacturing, bringing significant values to the scientific community, laser processing and printed electronics industry. Exploitable results delivered by the project:

• Stable Ag and Cu Inks for LIFT and Laser Sintering

• Mathematical models for LIFT processes

• High speed, Large area LIFT Printing of viscous inks, with high yields

• High speed Selective Laser Sintering of viscous inks, results good resistivity and adhesion properties

• Accurate positioning Laser Shaping

• Functional RFID Antenna at significant reduced cost and time compared to existing processes


HiperLAM has also featured in an array of dissemination channels (with more than 30 separate events attended) and project achievements have been delivered and recognised through e.g. 2 end user workshops, 2 best poster awards received, 7 Publications.


There were significant scientific and technological advances recognised during the review of the HIPERLAM project. The reviewers found that the project deliverables, dissemination and use plans are acceptable. The project management was very good and the meeting was well organised. The presentations given has been of good quality and gave a good insight into the work undertaken and results achieved. The resources employed by the beneficiaries were in line and commensurate with the demonstrated progress. The incurred costs were necessary, economic and justified by the demonstrated progress.


Such results have only been possible thanks to the amazing work delivered by all partners during more than three years, their combined efforts were noted and the reviewers mentioned that "The collaboration between partners has been impressive".

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The HIPERLAM Project is an initiative of the Photonics and Factories of the Future Public Private Partnerships and received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 723879
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