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LIFT Reaches Milestone in Early Stage Demonstrator


HiperLAM has reached an important milestone in the quest for laser-based digital printing of large area flexible electronic circuits based upon LIFT (Laser-Induced Forward Transfer) technology.


An early-stage application demonstrator features an optimal laser system configuration for LIFT printing of viscous nanoparticle inks that has been defined with detailed visualization and analysis of jetting behaviour and validation with simulation studies. LIFT printing of continuous structures at speeds up to 2.8 m/s has been achieved and applied in the first instance to  LIFT printing of on-chip RFID antennas. Furthermore, addressing Printed Fingerprint Sensors application, LIFT printing of highly dense structures with resolution down to 50 µm (both for line width as well as line-to-line spacing) has been demonstrated.


Cost and speed improvements compared to existing processes of greater than 10x have been recorded and testify to the long-term prospects for the disruptive impact of LIFT in key application sectors. 


As the project ramps-up in the second period of activity, it is anticipated that further cost and speed improvements will be achieved along with necessary efforts to fully industrialise the process for exploitation by the project partners.


 "Recording of High-Speed LIFT Printing"








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The HIPERLAM Project is an initiative of the Photonics and Factories of the Future Public Private Partnerships and received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 723879
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